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About us

SEURECO is a company working for the ERASME research team, specialized in economic modelling.


A team of experts specializing in economic modeling

SEURECO is a SME specialised in research and studies in quantitative economics and in particular in the establishment and the use of detailed macro sectoral models. In 2012, SEURECO (Société EURopéenne d’ECOnomie) became autonomous from the university team ERASME, which was created in a joint structure with the University of Paris-I and the École Centrale Paris. SEURECO continues to maintain important links with the academic world. Some members of the team are associate professors and the company continues to actively participate in research contracts performed within national and European university consortia. This allows us to introduce into the quantitative tools developed by the company, the results of scientific works, and thus to improve them as theoretical and empirical advances are made.

The work of the SEURECO is based on applied economic modelling, i.e. the theorisation, construction, implementation and analysis of the properties of applied macroeconomic models incorporating the most recent advances in economic theory.

Team Members


Pr Christian de Boissieu

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Dr Baptiste Boitier

Coordination of studies related to climate, energy and the environment

Modelling - Energy, Environment and Climate

Carole Chevallier

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Patrick Criqui

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Pr Sophie Cros

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Arnaud Fougeyrollas

Macro-economic modelling


Lionel Lemiale

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Dr Pierre Le Mouël

Coordination of studies related to the economy, R&D and innovation

Modelling - Knowledge economy - R&D and innovation

Pr Paul Zagamé

Scientific coordination

Management team