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Prof. Paul Zagamé

Mamagement and scientific coordination

Paul Zagamé was Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris I. He has also taught as a coordinating professor of economics at ENA and as a professor of economics at Ecole Centrale Paris. He created the ERASME team and has participated in the construction and operation of numerous macroeconomic models. In particular, he coordinated the construction of the HERMES and NEMESIS models and participated in the construction of E3ME and GEM-E3. He has taken part as coordinator or associate in many research contracts on the construction and use of European models. He has also been involved in a large number of studies and expert reports for the European Commission, the French administration and other institutes. He was a member of the Commission des Comptes et Budgets Economiques de la Nation, the Commission Française du Développement Durable, and participated in several commissions related to the Commissariat Général du Plan. Today, Paul Zagamé participates as scientific director and manager in many studies and research carried out by SEURECO.