SEURECO is proposing two CIFRE theses

As part of the development of these activities, and in particular its research activities, SEURECO is offering two theses under a CIFRE agreement.

  1. The first is to build a global version of the NEMESIS model for assessing the energy-climate transition as part of the Horizon Europe DIAMOND research project. See the call for applications.
  2. The second is for the improvement of macroeconomic models for the assessment of climate and digital transitions as part of the Horizon Europe TWINRD research project, which will start in January 2024. See the call for applications.


Macroeconomic impacts assessment of France 2030 published by the French Investment Supervisory Committee

SEURECO - Detailed economic models

During spring 2023, SEURECO has assessed, for French General Secretariat for Investment (Secrétariat Général Pour l’Investissement, Prime Minister services), the ex-ante macroeconomic impacts of the investment programme France 2030. The main results have been published by the Investment Supervisory Committee (Comité de surveillance des investissements) in its report First evalution in itinere (in French).