SEURECO supports the modelling activities and the reporting of a set GHG mitigation scenarios in France and EU to assess their socio-economic impacts and particularly regarding adverse transition scenarios. Combining a set of models for France, IMACLIM (CIRED), NEMESIS (SEURECO), NiGEM (Banque de France) and THREE-ME (ADEME-OFCE), this study leans on the NGFS global modelling exercise to assess the macro- and sector-level economic impact on low carbon transition scenarios. Besides usual models’ properties, the study explores how the different modelling tools can better consider adverse GHG mitigation scenarios either due to external conditions or by sensitivity analysis regarding models important related properties.

This study is a sub-activity of more large research activity performed by ADEME in the framework of a European LIFE project.

SEURECO's contribution

Coordination of the modelling work and the reporting. Modelling exercises.


SEURECO (in collaboration with ADEME, Banque de France and CIRED)