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Publication in Energy Strategy Reviews

Baptiste Boitier is co-author of an article in Energy Strategy Reviews on the perception by experts of game-changing innovation technologies for climate change mitigation

In a worldwide survey, 260 climate and energy experts assessed transformative innovations against their mitigation potential, at-scale availability and/or widescale adoption, and risk of delayed diffusion. Hierarchical clustering and multi-criteria decision-making revealed differences in perceptions of core technological innovations, with next-generation energy storage, alternative building materials, iron-ore electrolysis, and hydrogen in steelmaking emerging as top priorities. Instead, technologies highly represented in well-below-2°C scenarios seemingly feature considerable and impactful delays, hinting at the need to re-evaluate their role in future pathways. Experts’ assessments appear to converge more on the potential role of other disruptive innovations, including lifestyle shifts and alternative economic models.

Reference : Perdana, S., Xexakis, G., Koasidis, K., Vielle, M., Nikas, A., Doukas, A., Gambhir, A., Anger-Kraavi, A., May, E., McWilliams, B. and B., Boitier., 2023, Expert perceptions of game-changing innovations towards net zero. Energy Strategy Reviews, vol. 45(101022).