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R&D and Innovation

De nombreux pays ont fait de la recherche et du développement expérimental une priorité de leurs politiques économiques.

Innovation influences most economic mechanisms. It is at the heart of the process of destruction/creation and of the capacity to renew activities: technical progress and productivity play an essential role here. Knowledge and human capital are the essential drivers.

SEURECO develops tools and analytical capabilities to answer many questions, such as:

  • How to measure knowledge externalities and the incorporation of human capital?
  • What are the new characteristics of the economy based on information and communication technologies?
  • What are the consequences of public policies to support innovation?
  • How do the combination of innovation assets such as ICT, R&D, vocational training influence tomorrow’s technical progress?

The SEURECO team has acquired a real and long experience in the evaluation of European, national and sectoral research policies (energy, information and communication technology, biotechnologies, etc.).

SEURECO - R&D and Innovation

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